About Us

About Us

Our leading and qualified experts at Shiroka GC excel in providing you with top-notch services at reasonable prices to ensure you achieve a strong peace of mind. This practice results in long-lasting comfort for our clients, along with positive feedback from their side.

We are always enthusiastic about helping you!

Benefits of Our Services

We have a team of qualified, ambitious, and motivated experts that provides premium water heater services with customer satisfaction guaranteed.

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Electric Water Heater Installation and Repair Services

Shiroka GC stands as the leading provider of water heater services known for top-notch services. Being an experienced business, we have successfully handled various water heater-based projects. Over the years, we have improved thanks to client feedback and procedures emphasizing efficiency. We offer installation, repair, and emergency services for your electric water heater.


As a trusted provider of water heater services, we offer efficiency, convenience, expertise, and peace of mind to all our clients.
Our professional services are much better as DIY repairs involve a high risk of more damage rather than successfully fixing it.
Since we regard your time very highly, we always reply quickly as a premier service provider.
Noises like rumbling may be a sign of silt accumulation in the tank, which lowers efficiency.

Looking For Top-Notch Water Heater Installation And Repair Services.

Connect with us at (929) 800-0046 and get immediate, top-notch repairs and installations of your water heaters at affordable prices.

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Why Choose Us?

At Shiroka GC, we are highly passionate about providing you with high-standard services. Numerous positive testimonials we receive from our clients, and our brilliant portfolio is the biggest proof of that.

Salient Features of Our Company:

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